GAWU’s Easter Message 2016

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) joins our Christian community in observing and celebrating the annual event that is Easter.


Easter is a time when the Christian community the world over commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the story of the life and trials of Jesus Christ reverberates to our day. Forces to which Christ stood up and preached against are still among us and working against the simple and poor peoples. Jesus Christ embraced the poor, imparting into them hope and faith. For this he was hounded, persecuted and crucified by the then dictators.


This was the reality of his time, hundreds of years ago. Yet, such parallels, with differences, abound in our world of today, and Guyana is no exception.


For Christians and non-Christians, Easter focuses on an exemplary life that epitomizes unflinching courage, unwavering faith, humility, and empathy and care for the poor are inspiringly illustrated. These qualities, coming to us over the ages are today sorely needed worldwide, as we engage today’s Caesars and their authoritarian henchmen to bring about an alternative social and economic order.


GAWU urges serious reflection at this time we see much significance in the cleansing season of Lent as we recognize that Easter is a time when hope springs eternal. It is also that time when kites soar high. We, in Guyana must continue to strive to let our spirits also soar high with fresh achievements and new victories for the poor and voiceless.


The GAWU wishes all Guyana a happy Easter.

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