Wales workers given marching orders by GuySuCo

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) noted in an article the (Saturday) February 06, 2016 edition of Guyana Times in which Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder is reported to have said that workers of Wales Estate should not be worried, since their jobs are not on the line. He is quoted as saying:- “As it stands now, we don’t think any worker will be retrenched at all. In terms of field operations, there is a total of about eleven hundred and something field operators and its only about 13 people who are probably threatened”.

GAWU in view of the Minister’s comments, wishes to inform the public that as at (Friday) February 05, 2016, no less than sixty (60) workers undertaking various tasks in the fields and the factory were given, by officials of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo), marching orders i.e. they were told that they were no longer engaged in employ of the Estate on the ground that they were temporary workers. These workers worked previous crops at the Estate. A few of them, including young females, we understand, were told they could be further employed to cut and load canes, if they wished.

This morning (February 08, 2016), over fifty (50) planters were reportedly told by GuySuCo officials that if they did not to take up employment at Uitvlugt Estate and did not agree to accept severance pay within the three (3) days, it would be regarded by GuySuCo that they have opted to leave the Estate’s employ.

GAWU condemns the so-called interviews at the instance of GuySuCo with the workers and the high-handedness adopted. The Union also wishes to point out that the interviews are being conducted behind the backs of the workers’ Unions – GAWU and NAACIE.

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