GAWU Easter Message 2014

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) transmits its highest esteem and regards to the local Christian Community at this time of the commemoration of the Faith’s enduring pillar of belief.

The Christian Observance of Easter – in original essence, the festival to celebrate resurrection – envelopes even Guyanese Non-Christians. This is because there are elements of Easter – as for Christmas – which all members of humanity feel free to embraces.

Whilst the Easter commemorates the most significant sacrifice which true Christians know to be the bulwark of their religion, all of humanity can find hope in the Resurrection of the Crucified Christ whatever the perception of that event is cast in. For whether physical Death, whether constant fear of conflict, disease, crime or poverty it is, for mankind, equally important that there be come resurrection, some resurgence of rescue from hostile, life-threatening and hopeless situations. The Spirit of Humankind which makes eventual effort and triumph is the very bedrock of human existence.

Easter for Guyanese provides ample periods for reflection. Some Christians end their Lenten forty-day fasting and abstinence to find renewed strength of character. Others mourn the death of the Saviour then rejoice and celebrate His Rising.

All Guyanese share the promise of his going to prepare a better place. GAWU enjoins all Guyanese to join the Christian celebration of hope based on sacrifice. As we share cross-buns, the joys of symbolic kite flying and other responsible revelry, let us all direct our national leaders to be practical modern-day messiahs to lead us into Guyana’s Promised Land wherein its resources are distributed evenly.

A Happy Reflective Easter to All!  

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