GAWU’s General Council elects new Central Executive Committee; wants a buoyant sugar industry

Following the successful conclusion of the 20th Delegates’ Congress of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) on August 28, 2012, the fifty-two (52) member General Council met for the first time on (Saturday) September 29, 2012 and elected unanimously the undermentioned persons to the Union’s Central Executive Committee:-

Jankie Persaud                  –              Honorary President

Komal Chand                     –              President

Uranie Heeram                 –              Vice President

Seepaul Narine                 –              General Secretary

Mohamad Ahamad         –              Assistant General Secretary

Derek Thakur                     –              Organising Secretary:

Aslim Singh                         –              International Affairs Secretary

Rooplall Persaud              –              Treasurer


and Michael Inderdatt, Walter Raghoo, Bevon Sinclair, Harvey Tambron, Abrahim Nagamootoo, Janice Leander-Fowler and Bickram Singh as committee members

The Union’s General Council which meets once every three (3) months is the second highest forum of the Union after its Congress. It manages the affairs of the Union between Delegates’ Congresses. The Central Executive Committee meets once monthly and it assists to manage the affairs of the Union.

General Council members want the Board of Directors of the Corporation and the Management of the Industry to address especially those agricultural issues which fetter a quantitative yearly level of sugar production in keeping with the Corporation’s factory capacities and its present human and other resources.

At Saturday’s meeting, members hailed the positive performance of the sugar industry over the past few weeks. Last week, the highest weekly sugar production for months was attained as the industry declared a production of 9,369 tonnes sugar.

Satisfaction was also expressed by members over the unexpectedly positive performance of the Skeldon Factory over the last four (4) weeks, though some crucial remedial work on the Factory and its accessory components have not yet been undertaken. Last week, the sugar production realized at this important factory was 2,481 tonnes, the highest since the commissioning of the Factory in August, 2009.

Members of the Union’s General Council committed themselves to the myriad tasks ahead of the Union as it grapples with its day-to-day work and challenges.

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